Why hard work beats talent

In a competitive world like ours, performing is the only way to survive. You can’t sit for 8 hours on a couch and expect it elevate you to greatness. You got to be ready to give it a 110% every day.
Hard work is the stuff that legends are made of. Talent is the head start that some people are given in life.

Hard work is driven by a certain motivation. Talent is given, not earned. Hard work is based on principle, because behind every principle (i.e waking up at six) is a promise, a promise that this is the sacrifice you must make for a greater good.

Talent can be useless. Some people have talents that will never get them anywhere in life. Yes, it’s great that your tongue can touch your nose, or the fact that you can lick your elbow, but when you show up for a job interview, ask yourself what good that does you?

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough.”

Whether you have talent or not, you can have hard work. Hard work is not a genetic miracle like talent seems to be. It’s a way of life, a personality trait that can be ingrained into each and every one of us. That is why it is more important.

Hard work builds character. Making sacrifices, pushing yourself beyond every barrier you’ve ever known, to become a fierce warrior. Hard work requires work ethic, the ability to keep working on your goal despite, a no, rejection and failure. 
Hard work will always separate the hungry from the lazy, those with defined goals in life from those who just go with the flow.

“I’m here to tell you,
Number one,
That most of you say you want to be successful,
But you don’t want it bad,
You just kinda want it.

You don’t want it badder than you wanna party.
You don’t want it as much as you want to be cool.
Most of you don’t want success,
As much as you want to sleep!”

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