Why global warming is a real problem

I’m sure you’ve heard enough of this garbage. Blah, global warming, that one thing you learned in school and keep hearing from time to time. Ask yourself, how many times have you taken it seriously? Probably not many. NASA says the current trend of climate change is significant to note because it is the fastest rate of C02 (carbon di-oxide) emission rate in the last … Continue reading Why global warming is a real problem

India in Rio

If you’ve been following the Olympics, you probably know it’s not been a great year for India. At the time of writing this post, we’ve won only two medals, a silver and bronze, respectively. In fact, looking at the numbers, this is India’s largest contingent of athletes being sent to the Olympics. From athletes being offered only peanuts for food to Indian politicians strolling around … Continue reading India in Rio

A beginner’s guide to Astronomy

Around this time, last year, I bought my first telescope. It was a fascination that was brewing inside me for quite a while before I dived into actually ordering it. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog from the beginning you can probably infer that I love space. I’ve often shared many images that I’ve taken and other people’s work too, and they have … Continue reading A beginner’s guide to Astronomy

Why your digital footprint matters

Every second you spend on the Internet, you’re actively involved in painting a digital picture of yourself. This portrait helps companies target content at specific markets and consumers, helps employers look into your background, and helps advertisers track your movements across multiple websites. Whatever you do online, you might be leaving digital footprints behind. (http://www.internetsociety.org/your-digital-footprint-matters) In short, your digital footprint is everything you do online. … Continue reading Why your digital footprint matters