Person of Interest #2 – Zack Hemsey

Zack Hemsey has quickly become of my favorite musicians, in the span of nearly 2-3 months. While his name is not well-known, his work is massively popular, only if you know where to look. Many of you may have seen his name mentioned in my last blog, but probably didn’t check him out. Haha, your loss.

(I get a lot of flack for my musical taste, but whatever.)

You may recognize his work from big-time movies and TV shows like Inception and Game of Thrones, if you’re listening, carefully. Zack is a recording artist and songwriter whose most prominent body of work is composing movie/trailer scores. That’s not all he is, though. When he’s not composing orchestral tracks, he’s publishing intriguing and periodical singles on his website and Youtube Channel.

The reason he’s become one of my favorites is because of how different yet novel his style and content are. When you hear rapper nowadays, you immediately associate allusions to being drunk/high, weirdly sexual references and partying. Zack however, strives to be different, and that may explain why he isn’t as popular as some others in the business.

Let’s examine one of his latest songs, and one of my favorites, “The Pursuit of Knowledge”. It narrates, from Zack’s perspective, visiting a ‘recluse’ prophet who knows more than any. It touches upon the concept of whether our concept of education through study will trump education through experience, where he presents the Prophet to represent education through study, saying that ‘I know histories of nations I’ll never have chance to visit, Complexities of science and language with great precision, But in the end I’ve seen nothing of what’s been given’,

which is a reflection of what study really represents, only theories. 
He also contrast it with experience, saying, 
“I’ve seen the peaks of mountains that reach out and touch the sky
The struggle to survive and the desert where dreams have died
I’ve seen the best and the worst that we try to hide
The salt of the earth and the evil of humankind”
Click this red image to listen.

It’s a very profound song, much more different than a lot of commercial tracks that you listen to nowadays. Here are the full lyrics:

The sun was scattered through the colored glass
The floor was stained as light enveloped in a bath
And shadows on the wall from piles of books were cast
With rows that formed an aisle in through which I passed
These the quarters of a recluse whom I’d come to ask
About the origin of wisdom he was said to have
To get the story of “the man who knows more than any”, or so I read
He welcomed me to sit with affection and then he said:
“Since I was seven I’ve traveled the globe through words
Set on a mission to devour all I could learn
I’ve studied the writings of the greatest minds you’ve heard
Discovered the tenets that the finest thinkers observed
The more I gained, the more that I sought to earn
The more I attained, the hotter the fire burned
With every book I finished another was there to serve
For every text I read there were pages still left to turn
I’ve learned from all the migrants and drifters to whom I’d listen
Philosophers and soldiers whose knowledge I would solicit
I know histories of nations I’ll never have chance to visit
Complexities of science and language with great precision
But in the end I’ve seen nothing of what’s been given
This life that I’ve employed, while I love it, it has its limits
The failing I regret, though it’s painful, I must admit it
For everything I know of this world, I never lived it”

A silence hung for a moment’s thought
As echoes from the room decayed and tapered off
And there we sat reflecting, was it all for naught?
Until I spoke in earnest with this brief remark
I said that “while it’s evident your knowledge is rivaled by much shrewdness
I’ve never met a man with such wisdom who’s so foolish”
Then he grinned and he chuckled and asked if I
Would speak on what I’d seen through my travels, so I replied:“I’ve seen the treasure that waits for a man to find
I’ve seen the consequence when the sun and the moon combine
I’ve seen the peaks of mountains that reach out and touch the sky
The struggle to survive and the desert where dreams have died
I’ve seen the best and the worst that we try to hide
The salt of the earth and the evil of humankind
I’ve seen the wrecked and ravaged and scavengers rummage through debris
And those that searched in hope, finding meaning where none once used to be
And some that stormed the beaches
Some that pledged allegiance
Some that scorched the earth for motives that they don’t agree with
Seen some get lost among the current of their grievance
While the tide of death and birth left some speechless
I’ve seen love bring some to their knees
And some lift hearts when they smile for no reason
I’ve seen fairytale endings to believe in
And now I see a man who’d see the same if he’d but seize it

After having a quick look at the lyrics, you should have a fair idea of Zack’s style. This isn’t only just one song, all his songs are lyrical and philosophical genius quite like this. That being said, Zack is a very discreet person, and there really isn’t much about him on the internet, at least. He does manage a blog at

If you’d like to listen to more of his songs, here are a few notable ones:


In Revelations, Zack talks about the Mayan Times, the Mayan culture and other historical references. It’s pretty baffling.

“I’ll find a way”

In “I’ll find a way”, Zack describes and sings about finding himself, feeling lost and moving onto better and greater things.

Finally, Zack’s greatest masterpiece, ‘The way’. Before you dive into it, here are the lyrics:

Some have said that I was given keys to the city of your dreams
I’m more content to walk outside the walls and catch a breeze
I’m more inclined to climb on by or ride internal seas
I’m more alive to vibe inside a mansion full of trees
I do this for a reason that they can’t pretend to glean
I lose myself infused in something more than what they’ve seen
I’m not a slave to greed
I don’t embrace your make believe
I’ve never been for sale no matter what they think I need
So let it be decreed
Let this music serve the deed
Let it spread like a disease
Let it spawn a noble seed
There’s more than meets the eye
There’s more than meets the price
If you can’t see the sky there’s too much artificial light
I can’t predict my path, but they can’t fully see my past
I’m running from the flash but heading straight inside the blast
A mountain full of ego built upon a heap of trash
Is exactly what you get when you can’t fully do the math.

The intro is quite long, but it’s all worth it.

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