Reflecting, and what’s to come for Hri-Write

The last year’s been pretty busy with grade 11 and other commitments, and with that I haven’t fully had the chance to reflect on the massive manner in which this blog has expanded. 2017 has been a wild series of ups and downs for me personally, but even more so for Hri-Write. From being a blog with a total viewership of 5,000 people in January to being read by 15,000 in April, I could have never thought that my little hobby of writing on the weekends would grant me such a wide reception, across countries. Matter of fact, at the time of writing this, the blog has reached 25476 reads, all time.

But the numbers don’t really matter. This blog started as a reflection space, a place to write about the things that were on my mind that particular week and to reach out to people about serious matters, and in some cases, my personal hobbies (astronomy!).  At its core, this blog has always been, still is and will always be unadulterated, unfiltered and honest in its content.

This blog has served more than a mere space for expressing ideas. It’s become the logbook for all my experiences, passions and deepest opinions presented in the form of new topics every week. For those who have stuck around since the beginning, I can’t thank you enough. For those of you who are new, welcome! Explore the blog, leave comments, stay a while.

Now that I am officially nearing end of grade 11, it’s going to be an eventful summer. From being tied down with ACT preparations to making university visits, summer will be just as busy, if not more, than the semester has been. This blog, however, will be regularly updated with interesting content and  other topics as I get freed up.

I already have a few ideas for what’s in store for Hri-Write, and they’re quite ambitious, one of these may or may not be a guest-hosted blog, where I’ll try to invite people with interesting backgrounds to come over and write a post. Another one of these may be a vlog or a montage. As the month progresses, I’ll figure out the specifics. Stay posted.

On a note of conclusion, THANK YOU. I’ve said this a lot but sometimes I feel that I don’t convey it as strongly as I’d like to. Hri-Write could not have been anything without the support that has come in droves from everyone. Whether it be the one-time read or the constant reader, to me, it’s the thought to check out the blog that matters. Here’s hoping for continued success and growth to this blog, and to you all too.

As always, thanks for reading.

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