Why I use Reddit (and you should too)

As I click on the orange app that reads ‘Reddit’ on my iPhone, my eyes widen as I open to a barrage of dark humor from /r/imgoingtohellforthis. Laughing agonisingly as I get out of bed, I scroll further down to posts from /r/space and see what’s making top news related to space and astronomy.

I’m 203 days old. At least that’s how old my Reddit account is. In those 203 days, I’ve seen, stumbled upon, laughed at and shared things that I’ve never seen and possibly would never if I hadn’t signed up for it. And that’s why I love it.
Anybody that’s spoken to me in the last 203 days has probably heard me talk about Reddit, and rightly so. Reddit changed the way I used the internet, because of its sheer size and diverse communities.

 I’ve fallen in love with its early 2000s reminiscent albeit ugly homepage, its hierarchal commenting system, and its non-existent search feature. But that’s what makes Reddit, well, Reddit. It wasn’t made to look nice, or ‘aesthetic’ if you will.

It was made to be as simplistic as possible, and it was made to be a place to share things for people with all kinds of interests, no matter how strange or common they are (looking at you, /r/rant). It was made to be a platform for the internet, summarized by its welcoming tagline, ‘The frontpage of the internet’. And it’s done all of those things and done them well.

If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit, let the Reddit team explain it to you:

The key to enjoying reddit is finding the right communities to follow.

They say there’s a subreddit for everything. Type in an interest and Snoo (our time traveling alien mascot) will help find the right subreddit for you!

How it all works:

Users post to communities, also known as subreddits. Other users vote and comment on those posts. Based on those votes, the best posts rise to the top for all to enjoy. Users who post or comment earn karma points when their content gets voted up, or upvoted.

As you’re participating, be aware that each subreddit has its own unique personality and rules, usually found in their sidebar. Those are the basics! Once you poke around the site a bit, please feel free to check out a more in-depth explanation about what reddit is and how it works.”

For me, Reddit has made news, articles, funny content and other things accessible. The communities (subreddits) follow the general naming convention (/r/communitynamehere) and users (/u/usernamehere).

I’ll admit that you’ll see some rather unpleasant things if you choose to see NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, but that’s disabled by default. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy /r/watchpeopledie and laugh sadistically as people meet their unfortunate end on video.
(I’m a sadist and a degenerate, I know this. I embrace the dark overlord.)

What I love particularly is how systematic Reddit is. Once you subscribe to subreddits, they appear on your front page and the best posts are chosen automatically so that you’re always up to date with what’s new in your favorite interests, fields and other things. Like I said earlier, Reddit wasn’t made to look pretty. It was made to be fast and smart, and once you start using it, trust me, you’ll realize this. Some things I’ve fallen in love with are subreddits like /r/photoshoprequest, where you can submit photos and ask them to make minor or major edits to those as you like, or caption it ‘[Random]’, and let other Redditors work their magic on your beautiful images (sarcasm).

“Find a subreddit dedicated to a topic you’re interested in and dive on in. To get started, take a look at this list of subreddits with less than 5,000 subscribers. It’s amazing: there seems to be no such thing as a topic too narrow or specialized to form a subreddit around. That said, in the unlikelihood that there won’t be a subreddit about your given interest, you can create your own and become the king of your (sub)Reddit domain. Also, by subscribing and unsubscribing to various subreddits, you create your very own “front page of the Internet.”

Like most online communities, Reddit has its own language, which you’ll notice right away. Redditors tend to talk in abbreviations such as: “OP,” “TIL,” IAmA,” “AMA”…Well, “OP” just refers to the “original poster” in a thread. “TIL” means “Today I learned” and is one of the most common abbreviations you’ll see on Reddit. Many posts are simple “TIL” observations and realizations.” – Digital Trends

And to conclude, just remember, Reddit’s just like a group conversation with a bunch of friends. Bring a casual attitude to the site and you’ll have a worthwhile experience. Bring a foul attitude and your life will become a worthless race of farming karma (Reddit’s version of likes) as you inch closer every second to your inevitable demise.

It’s a fun time.

To download Reddit on iOS, click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reddit-official-app-trending-news-and-hot-topics/id1064216828?mt=8

For Reddit on Google Play, click here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.reddit.frontpage&hl=en

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