A Note of Thanks

It was July 2016 when I had started blogging. On the recommendations of a few people, family and friends, I reluctantly started writing and publishing thoughts that I once believed people couldn’t care for.

Boy,  I was wrong. In the days after publishing my very first blog, I was elated to receive a lot of approval and praise about its profoundness. That entire week was spent checking up on whether more people had read, commented or liked my post.

It was a lovely feeling. Cloud 9. Heaven, if you will. 

And now, here we are, just over two years later. Things have changed, my maturity, my writing skill, where I study. What has not changed, though, is the appreciation and gratefulness I have for people who care to read my rambling on the internet.

It was just four days ago when I met some of my school friends that I hadn’t met in a while and some that I hadn’t spoken or been in touch with since university began. Yet, no matter our distance, they had pleasant things to say about me and my blog.

So, to you, my friends and everyone who reads this, I say thank you. The way I look at it, there are a million things you could have done. When you saw my post on Facebook, you could have scrolled by. But you didn’t. You chose to spend a couple of minutes of your time to read what I had spent some time to write. You could have ignored that forwarded message with my blog link. But you didn’t. You could have checked out the new release of your favorite artist. But you didn’t. You could have binged some more of your favorite Netflix show. Quite literally, there are a million things you could have done. But you didn’t. You read my blog. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you. Your appreciation of my work gives me more appreciation for what I do.

Sometimes saying thank you to so many people makes me feel insincere, but I genuinely am grateful for your support. Perhaps many of you don’t know this, but if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have continued to write.

I won’t lie. Putting my writing out there was scary, and it still is. I remember thinking to myself, “nobody is going to read this.” as I published my first blog. I questioned writing and blogging as a whole. 

So, a thank you to all those of you who read my first blog, as unpolished and experimental as it was, and encouraged me to write. You pushed me and made me believe that this truly was something I could do. Thank you to everyone who was commented (in approval or disapproval) of my opinions. Thank you to everyone who recommended it to their friends and continued to spread the word. There is no greater gift for an amateur writer.

For all that, and for all of you, I am truly grateful.

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