Are You Difficult?

We often look to other people when thinking about characteristics and personality traits that we find annoying, maddening, or wrong. Yet we overlook one crucial factor: that we, in our personal ways are frustratingly difficult. We’re human, after all. It is not belittling to accept the fact that at some point in our lives, we have been the “toxic” person in someone’s life, just as … Continue reading Are You Difficult?

On Stoicism: Dealing With Hardship

The last few blogs have been centered around what I think about recent things. I’ve drifted from writing about how I feel about the things that have transpired in my life recently. I’ll attempt to do that here. What I, and all of humanity, are going through now is something that is so extraordinary and unprecedented that all of us are living in lockdown just … Continue reading On Stoicism: Dealing With Hardship