Person of Interest #2 – Zack Hemsey

Zack Hemsey has quickly become of my favorite musicians, in the span of nearly 2-3 months. While his name is not well-known, his work is massively popular, only if you know where to look. Many of you may have seen his name mentioned in my last blog, but probably didn’t check him out. Haha, your loss. (I get a lot of flack for my musical … Continue reading Person of Interest #2 – Zack Hemsey

The poignancy of sonder.

This one’s going to be quite introspective: buckle up.   If I asked you to estimate the number of people you meet or come across every day, could you do it? Probably not, at least not precisely. The people you come across in one day, by night are nothing but a blur in your memory. You don’t pay them much mind, and they don’t pay … Continue reading The poignancy of sonder.

Hri-Write – Person of Interest: Les Brown

This is the first installment of the bi-weekly (every two weeks) ‘Person of Interest’ segments I’m going to write. Many of you may not have heard of this man, but that’s what this segment is all about. Person of Interest is about discovering new personalities. Les Brown Perhaps one of the most pivotal people in my life, even if I don’t know him, he doesn’t know … Continue reading Hri-Write – Person of Interest: Les Brown